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Lucy Quartermaine Mini Drop Earrings Silver OXw5Rh3Zu
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Medicines shouldn’t be a luxury

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Photograph by Magali Deppen

Following two suspected cases of measles reported in Carnot IDP camp, western CAR, MSF has vaccinated children aged from 6 months to 15 years against this deadly disease. In one day, 186 children received the vaccine. In Carnot, MSF supports the Expanded Programme on Immunization of the Ministry of Health. For Dr. Aubin Vergnes, MSF doctor, it is essential to act quickly in case of epidemic risk "In such promiscuity, cases of measles can spread quickly to all the children in the camp. That is why we organized this vaccination campaign in just 3 days in collaboration with the health authorities. " MSF works in Carnot since 2009 and supports the city Hospital (pediatrics, nutrition and internal medicine) and two peripheral health centers. The organization also brings medical care to the displaced population of the Catholic Church since February 2014. A health worker living there refers the serious cases to the hospital and a mobile clinic goes there every Thursday in order to provide basic medical care 520 people living there. As part of its activities in Carnot, MSF provided more than 25,000 medical consultations and treated more than 18,900 patients with malaria between January and June 2015.

A Fair Shot

Thanks to your actions agreements are now in place with Pfizer and GSK for humanitarian organizations like MSF to obtain lowest global price for the pneumonia vaccine! This campaign is not over, we are still asking Pfizer and GSK to lower the prices of the vaccine to $5 per child for all developing countries.

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Camp in luxury in a Glamping Pod

Camp in luxury in a Glamping Pod

A romantic break in a Yurt

Camp in luxury in a Glamping Pod

Camp in luxury in a Glamping Pod

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Looking for something different to do during your holiday to the Isle of Man? Glamping is a fantastic and exciting way to enjoy the great outdoors whilst enjoying a few more creature comforts.
Somewhere between self-catered accommodation and camping, glamping is a fun way to discover nature from a weatherproof and comfortable location.
Glamping also boasts the benefit of being ready for you on arrival. All you need to do is park up, unpack, unwind and enjoy what the Isle of Man has to offer throughout your visit.
Many of the glamping sites are located by some wonderful picturesque walks , meaning that you won’t need to walk too far to take in the breath-taking views on offer.
With a variety of glamping options available for you to choose from, there is something for all tastes. If you would like to try an eco-campsite , then solar powered yurts offer you the chance to experience a greener holiday . Or if you prefer a relaxing and spacious wooden hut, then why not try snuggling up by a roaring fire, or taking a dip in a hot tub in your very own cosy pod ? Lose yourself in the Manx countryside by staying in a farmyard cabin , where you will be surrounded by beautiful orchards, Manx sheep and cows and uninterrupted views of the surrounding countryside and coast.
A popular choice for a romantic getaway, glamping is becoming an increasingly popular accommodation choice for couples looking to take a relaxing trip to the Island together. Listening to the raindrops on your hut, walking in the beautiful Manx countryside together and discovering hidden gems makes the Island a memorable and romantic break for you both.
With a number or huts, tents, pods, yurts and even wigwams dotted around the Island you won’t be short of choice for your glamping holiday!

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Some people know from childhood exactly what they want to “be” when they grow up. For most of us, however, it’s not that simple. Today’s high school students can look forward to jobs your parents never heard of. And there are a lot more career opportunities out there you’ve never heard of, simply because you’re young and haven’t run into them yet.

Whether you go on to college or join the workforce right out of high school, very soon you’re going to need a job. You can mindlessly fall into whatever comes along to pay your bills, or you can make a conscious career choice. But how are you supposed to do that if you don’t even know what’s out there?

Electives help you uncover career options that are really “you.”

Don’t say “ugh” until you’ve tried it.

Science, technology, engineering and math – collectively known to your teachers as STEM – are hot these days. Like to draw or design things? Digital arts is technology in action. So is learning computer coding, which could help you create the next must-have phone app. (By the way, only 10% of high schools even offer computer coding, and Sterling Academy is one of them.)

Design is engineering in action that can lead to anything from architecture to space aeronautics to robotics (which also involves technology). And math? You’ll be hard-pressed to find any job that doesn’t require math skills.

You don’t have to develop a cure for cancer to have a totally rewarding career in the health care field. (But you could, if lab research interests you.) And you don’t have to be a doctor, nurse or dentist – taking elective courses like anatomy can open your eyes to dozens of career options in health care.

Electives that teach you about marketing or business basics will help you in any career you choose, whether you’re a prospective entrepreneur or not, because every job out there is at a business of some kind. Even successful careers in government or the military require understanding how things get done in the business world.

Good at languages? Aside from the fact that prospective colleges expect you to take at least two years of a foreign language, electives like Chinese or German can give you a significant boost when it comes to pursuing a career in this global society, where organizations have offices all over the world. Even if you don’t go abroad, if you work in a multi-national company, colleagues from overseas may come to work with you, and knowing their language can put you at an advantage in your company.

Electives let you try things on for size.

Taking a wide variety of elective courses helps you get a feel for how different fields approach things like problem-solving, and see where you can put your personal interests and aptitudes to work. To be a good fit, the career you choose should match your personality and learning style.

At Sterling Academy, some of our electives not only teach you about career options, they can get you started on a new job. Our Gurhan Romance TwoTone Heart Drop Earrings ftyeSdSx
is one example. There is a growing need for pharmacy techs. It’s a job you can make a lifelong career, or it can be a stepping stone to any type of medical career.

You can take electives at Sterling Academy as a full-time student working online to earn your diploma or as a part time student, to take advantage of our broader range of choices than your brick-and-mortar high school offers. We’re regionally accredited, so you can generally easily transfer the credits you earn with us back to your regular school to round out your transcript. (P.S. – it’s easy to blend online electives into your existing school/life schedule, because you can study any time you want from any place with an internet connection.)

Deciding on a career path is a process of learning about yourself. Elective courses can help you discover things you’re good at, or which interest you, or you never knew existed. And that can change the course of your life.

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Lunchtime Movie Review
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If you put the words “Pee-wee” and “Adventure” in the title of a movie, will IMDb list the film as an adventure/comedy? You bet it will!

1985’s Pee-wee’s Big Adventure finds Pee-wee Herman as the title character, with an indelible ‘Puer Aeturnus’ complex that rivals Michael Jackson’s, on the search for his most prized possession; a red and white Schwinn DX, that has just been stolen by his neighbor, Francis Bux-TON.

Dottie the hottie, who services Pee-wee’s bike and whom would like to service Pee-wee himself, is unable to console him. A rainy night later, finds Pee-wee wandering the water-filled streets to the psychic, Madame Ruby where for twenty dollars she can tell you a lot of things; for thirty dollars she can tell you more, and for fifty dollars, she can tell you everything. I have been given similar offers before, but it didn’t involve that type of medium. Madame Ruby convinces Pee-wee that his bike has been taken to the basement of the Alamo (he must have paid the fifty dollars), and Pee-wee hitchhikes it out of California to San Antonio, Texas.

He first gets a ride from Mickey, a fugitive on the lam from the law, and then the trucker diver / ghost of Large Marge who will Uber you to hell for prices better than Madame Ruby’s. After being dropped off at a truck stop, Pee-wee has to work off his meal when he discovers that his wallet is missing, but the adventure to find THAT possession of his will have to wait until his theatrical disaster blows over in a few years.

Pee-wee convinces Simone, a waitress at the truck stop, to follow her dream to live in France, but her jealous boyfriend chases him off, and Pee-wee is forced to jump onto a moving train. It takes him all the way to San Antonio where he high-tails it straight to the Alamo, but after enduring the hours tour there, he finds out that there is no basement at the Alamo; much to his horror!

Dejected, Pee-wee phones Dottie the hottie, who is still aflame for him, and he asks her to pay for his bus ticket home. He then runs into Simone’s boyfriend again who is trying to stop her from bussing it across the pond to Paris. He chases Pee-wee to a rodeo, and Pee-wee is forced to disguise himself as a bull rider to keep from getting caught. It doesn’t work and Simone’s boyfriend jumps into the arena to nab Pee-wee as he rides a bucking bull. Unfortunately for the guy, he wearing a red shirt, and he then gets chased off by the bull after Pee-wee gets tossed off and knocked unconscious. When Pee-wee comes to, he can only remember the Alamo.

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